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The current blockchain problem

The blockchain decentralization technology will provide us with a fair, fair and free world of information and value exchange. In addition, scalable application technologies based on blockchain technology are increasing. It is undeniable that this will allow the entire blockchain world to be healthy. At the same time, the Pointnity Network team also saw the problems brought about by the future development of the blockchain. This is how different blockchain technologies work together to become a blockchain landing and prosperity. As a major obstacle to development, we decided to provide a multi-chain cross-link interactive, highly compatible, high-throughput, and infinitely scalable blockchain system that addresses blockchain information, value, and technology barriers.


HUB distributed information processing system

Use HUB developers or blockchain startups to securely deliver and demonstrate their needs. Provides distributed, browser-oriented functionality for all self-organizing or blockchain company open/closed-loop service architectures and provides distributed storage data.

Highly compatible ecological network and blockchain world

Pointnity Network provides a very flexible and highly compatible ecosystem portal that allows developers and users to adapt to their development needs. Bring blockchain developers or blockchain application companies from around the world to the Pointnity Network to provide a strong technical ecological guarantee for in-depth cooperation, development and exploration in the blockchain field.

Multi-chain interoperability breaks down network islands and promotes links between value systems

Each independent blockchain maintains its own independent value economy. Pointnity is a hub connecting independent blockchains and carries the value exchange function of different value system blockchains.

Token Sale

The PONT token is an ERC20 attribute token that will be mapped (1:1) to the primary network token after publishing the primary network of the Pointnity network.



Number of tokens for sale

750000000 PONT (15%)



Tokens exchange rate

1 ETH = 23000 PONT

Acceptable currencies


Minimal transaction amount


Initial Token Distribution

Total amount:5000000000

Pre-sale: 5%

Ssle: 15%

Team: 35%

Cooperation Organization: 25%

Community: 20%

  • Pre-sale
  • Ssle
  • Team
  • Cooperation Organization
  • Community

About allocation of funds

Product development 50%

Market operation 15%

Establish a partnership 10%

Give back to the community 5%

Ecological incubation 17%

Other things deal with 3%

  • Product development
  • Market operation
  • Establish a partnership
  • Give back to the community
  • Ecological incubation
  • Other things deal with

Pre-sale: 5%

Formal ratio: 1:35,000 (Note: pre-contributor token locking rules, 50% will be issued immediately when the token goes online, and the remaining 50% will be released six months after the token goes online)

Ssle: 15%

Formal ratio: 1:23,000 (Note: Sales contributor token lock rule, 50% will be issued immediately when the token goes online, the remaining 50% will be released 3 months after the token is online)

Team: 35%

Technology Development and Operational Rewards (Note: Team Token Locking Rules are linearly balanced within 24 months of online token exchange within 12 months, and a total of 12 issuances are issued every two months).

Cooperation Organization: 25%

We will use it for ecological incubation, expand the radiation scope of the project, and establish a good and cooperative relationship. (Note: According to the specific circumstances, the minimum period for the release and lock-up of cooperative tokens is 6 months) .

Community: 20%

Provide community operation suggestions, maintain and establish a good community environment, you can get token rewards (Note: Community token lock rules, depending on the circumstances, no minimum lock standard time)

This token is an ERC-20 token that will be replaced by a 1:1 token on the primary network


The Roadmap

With help from our teams, contributors and investors these are the milestones we are looking forward to achieve.

Cooperation organization

The Leadership Team

We are a group of active groups

CEO & Founder
CTO & Senior Developer
COO& Market operation
Blakely Beesley
Account Manager
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