Establish a decentralized and infinitely expandable concurrent system to ensure security while achieving commercial availability.

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About Block chain

Pointnity Network is a Born to solve the problem of blockchain synergy expansion with powerful blockchain applications.

The current blockchain problem

The blockchain decentralization technology will provide us with a fair, fair and free world of information and value exchange. In addition, scalable application technologies based on blockchain technology are increasing. It is undeniable that this will allow the entire blockchain world to be healthy. At the same time, the Pointnity Network team also saw the problems brought about by the future development of the blockchain. This is how different blockchain technologies work together to become a blockchain landing and prosperity. As a major obstacle to development, we decided to provide a multi-chain cross-link interactive, highly compatible, high-throughput, and infinitely scalable blockchain system that addresses blockchain information, value, and technology barriers.

The PONT token in the network, as the system’s fuel and authorized mortgage certificatePointnityNetwork-white paper


With help from our teams, contributors and investors these are the milestones we are looking forward to achieve.

Our advantage

Pi calculus

High performance based on Pi calculus…Innovate the underlying network, starting with changing the architecture

Unlimited expansion & concurrent virtual machine

Achieving business application metrics by exponentially increasing the instantaneous throughput and concurrent processing power of the network through infinitely expanding concurrent virtual machines.

Node network with random verification and penalty mechanism

Function-based random verification group mechanism to ensure network security

Network-wide scheduling computing resources

Improve the actual application power of the network through real-time, resource detection and system scheduling capabilities, and maximize the delay due to computing power.

How does Pointnity work?


Network-wide transaction processing

Random verification group

Confirm random verification group information, enable incremental random verification and packet processing

Decoupled operation

Highly improved processing power of the entire network through decoupling of related data

System model for concurrent interaction

Use the concurrent virtual machine to achieve the expansion of the whole network, and use the Header Chain to monitor the asynchronous state and external interaction data.

Holographic data storage

Perform holographic data storage on the chain to maximize the security and call stability of the system data

Our Team

Jessie Collins-Chairman
Jessie Collins graduated with a Masters in Finance from Lancaster University, UK. He has extensive experience in related business modeling, such as investment management and economic analysis.
Vic Riley -Engineer
Vic Riley graduated from Stanford University. He is a software engineer with more than ten years of development experience. He has worked for large Internet companies such as Intel.
Brook Sanchez-Engineer
Brook Sanchez graduated from Princeton University and has been involved in Southwest Airlines' business development with an in-depth understanding of process orchestration and architectural design.
Oliver Lagerquist-Director
Oliver Lagerquist graduated from the Ross School of Business at the University of Michigan. He is an excellent executive with management talent in business administration and human resources.
Daniel Martin - Engineer
Daniel Martin is a mobile communications engineer specializing in framework development and cloud computing development for distributed systems, especially for embedded development of middleware.
Kumagai Yasuoka - Senior Developer
Kumagai Yasuoka is a communications technology researcher with extensive work experience and expertise in distributed computing and web services.
Ayleen Orr- Developer
Ayleen Orr is an intermediate developer who is skilled at adapting to intermediate and intermediate development and development tasks. Good at back-end systems such as CDS, DNS troubleshooting and other related technologies.
Patricia Quiroga- Marketer
Patricia Quiroga is a community growth manager who has served as a New Media Company Operations Specialist with his own unique approach and insights into the direction and approach to market development.
Jesse Freeman - Developer
Jesse Freeman is an intern developer who specializes in functional programming and has unique insights into object-oriented language research.
Nakano Yoshino -Content
Nakano Yoshino is a content manager who is responsible for organizing and summarizing project content for effective information analysis.
Harry Robertson - Operation
Harry Robertson is an excellent staff member and has accumulated extensive project operations experience for many years of project work.

Frequently asked questions

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Total amount 5000000000 Pre-sale 5% Sale 15% Team 35% Cooperation Organization 25% Community 20%

Product development 50% Market operation 15% Establish a partnership 10% Give back to the community 5% Ecological incubation 17% Other things deal with 3%

Pre-sale: 5% Ratio: 1:35000=1(ETH): 35000 (PONT) (Note: The pre-contributor token locking rule will issue 50% immediately when the token is online, and the remaining 50% will be released after the token is online for six months) Ssle: 15% Ratio: 1:23000=1(ETH): 23000 (PONT) Note: The sales contributor token locking rule will issue 50% immediately when the token is online, and the remaining 50% will be released 3 months after the token is online. Team: 35% Uses: Technology development and operational rewards (Note: Team Token is not unlocked for 12 months after going online, and linear release within 12-24 months) Cooperation organization: 25% Uses: Ecological incubation, expand the scope of project radiation, and establish a good cooperative relationship. (Note: The minimum period for the issuance and locking of cooperative tokens is 6 months, depending on the specific situation) Community: 20% Use: Maintain and build a good community environment, you can get token rewards (Note: no minimum lockout period)

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